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50+ Interesting Uses Of Rubbing Alcohol That You Probably Didn’t Know

By on August 28, 2017

Almost everyone has a bottle of rubbing alcohol in at least one cupboard in their home. It’s typically in the medicine cabinet for use in disinfecting stuff, and over the years I’ve also used it many times to rescue various surfaces in my home after one of my kids got ahold of a permanent marker!

But there is SO much more that homely little bottle can do! It’s time to take it out of the bathroom cabinet and put it in a place of honor! This humble mixture of denatured alcohol and water is usually less than $2.00 a bottle and can help you out in an amazing array of situations in the kitchen, the bathroom, the craft room, and beyond!

Cleaners galore!

Dissolve windshield frost – No need to go searching for your ice scraper! Grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol, screw on a spray top from another empty bottle and spray. Your windshield will be completely frost-free! You can also keep it in the trunk, it won’t freeze!

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