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50+ Interesting Uses Of Rubbing Alcohol That You Probably Didn’t Know

By on August 28, 2017

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Odor removal – Applying rubbing alcohol to your hands after after chopping onions or garlic will remove the odor just like a sanitizer.

Astringent substitute – Mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol with water and apply with a cotton ball. Let it dry, then wash after 15 minutes. Follow-up with aloe vera gel. Do not use for prolonged periods and always test for skin sensitivity.

Soothe body aches – Rubbing alcohol brings blood flow to the skin’s surface. It instantly cools and relaxes muscles.

Itch Relief – Dabbing a little rubbing alcohol onto an itchy bug bite will dry out the area, relieving itchiness.

Deodorant – In a pinch, you can use rubbing alcohol instead of deodorant. Add 15 drops of essential oil to a fine-mist spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol. Just make sure you don’t apply it immediately after shaving! ouch!

Nail fungus – Soaking your hands or feet in a tub filled water and rubbing alcohol can help get rid of bacterial growth under nails. Do this daily until fungus vanishes.

Nail polish remover – Rubbing alcohol can substitute for nail polish remover and clean the backs of pierced earrings as well.

Makeup Brushes – to sanitize your brushes, soak soak them in alcohol for 30 minutes and allow them to air dry. Repeat every month.

Prevent sweat stains – Sweat stains are often found on shirt collars (ring around the collar), armpits, inner elbows and knees. To prevent these stains, wipe skin with rubbing alcohol before dressing. It works like a natural antiperspirant.

Make a shapeable ice pack – Mix 1 part rubbing alcohol with 3 parts water in a plastic zipper bag. The rubbing alcohol prevents the bag from freezing solid.

Head lice treatment – Dip your comb in rubbing alcohol each time you use it through your hair. Or you can simply apply some to your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. The results are instant.

Earwax removal – If you have trouble with excessive accumulation of earwax, mix equal parts rubbing alcohol with vinegar, and dab into your ear with a cotton swab. This solution will dissolve the wax. Clean with a soft cloth.

Reduce swelling – Rubbing alcohol can help soothe and reduce swelling. It helps bring blood to the area to reduce swelling.

Hand Sanitizer – mix together 3 parts rubbing alcohol and 1 part aloe vera gel.

Cold Sores – to help heal and dry up stubborn cold sores, dab a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol on it.

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