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A Few Tricks On How To Clean Easily The Things You Didn’t Know How To Clean

By on August 13, 2017

We all have our cleaning routine, how often to clean things, how much time it will take, what to clan first and what last, etc. Also, we know how to make certain DIY cleaners and some tricks for the more difficult tasks. But there are always some odd items, we never know how to clean properly, things that are very fragile, we don`t notice or things we don`t clean often. Here are 27 tricks on how to clean those things.

1. Blinds

Use a microfiber cloth, liquid dish soap and warm water to easily clean the window blinds.

2. Bathroom tiles

Use a candle to keep the bathroom pristine- seal the grouting with a candle wax to prevent mildew.

3. Shower curtain

Wash the curtains in a salt bath to remove the mildew and prevent it from returning.

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