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Between The Studs, Create A Recessed Area For Your Toilet Paper With This Bathroom Remodel Tutorial

By on August 29, 2017

First we had to choose a toilet paper holder so that we would know how much space we needed for the holder and roll together. We wanted a holder that swung out a bit to accommodate any sized roll, and one that let you “reload” from one side. Once we had that we could build the box around it.

Below is a simple drawing of the dimensions of our box. You could of course modify it to suit your own needs. We used 1×6 boards, so the face of the box is 3/4″ thick, but the rest of the board has been cut down behind to be slightly thinner. This gives a nice overhang around the edge that can be caulked so that it looks like a built-in.

built-in toilet paper holder

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the box while it was being built and before I painted it. I have no idea why not. So I’ll try to describe what was done to the best of my ability. Tom took a 1×6 board and using the table saw cut away part of the board, leaving a 3/4″ inch lip along one side. Like this:

built-in toilet paper holder

He cut the board down to 4″ wide (the width of a roll of toilet paper) and then into 4 pieces – 2 at 16″ long and 2 at 8″ long. When you fit the pieces together to form a box you can see that a notch needs to be cut out at each end of the 16″ boards so that they meet up with the 8″ boards correctly, giving a frame around the entire box. Tom accidentally cut the notch a little too low so that the wood behind isn’t flush, but the pieces do meet on the inside where it’s important. The 4 boards were screwed together and the joints visible on the front were puttied.

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